Kaeto Sweeney


IBIZA (performance)

25 min performance
commisioned by Bergen Kunsthall for Cruising Utopia, curated by Nora-Swantje Almes.

IBIZA centres around two portraits of crisis and displacement- one of a queer figure, Gus;
the other of a landscape, Ibiza. It is an exploration of identity, belonging, fantasy and failure.

IBIZA investigates how to generate the parallels between a person and a landscape. Cultures with their own various political identities, aesthetics, agendas, and juridic rights, from queer and ecological perspectives. IBIZA will delve into the parallels of the feelings of desperation, of the melancholia of a queer character not finding a place to feel comfort, and the dehydration of an island surrounded by water, but with no water. A commonality in the inability of not being able to share or host the Other. These are both quiet internal crises that deserve to be heard, the griving moments of bodies: flesh and water.

Project leader, concept, performer: Kaeto Sweeney
Performer: Henrik Koppen
Technicial support, sound composer, performer: Antoine Hureau

Jewelery design (loan): Siv Støldal
Costume design, commision: Sofie Hviid Vinther

Curator: Nora-Swantje Almes
Producers: Ifrah Hassan Osman, Davone Sirmans, Marthe Serck-Hansen, Lene Anette Johnsen Kolltveit and Vilja Marjatta Kjersheim
Technical producers: Jonas Skarmark and Henrik Tønseth Skauge

Documentation photos: Johanne Karlsrud
Studio photos: Nayara Leite