Kaeto Sweeney


first kiss before anything once

20min multimedia performance

With the use of projectors and green screens as both technological and poetic devices, and questioning beginnings/endings, First kiss before anything once is a story of a lonely boy longing to go dancing.

The performance premiered at ‘After School Special’, Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark (NO) during the first lockdown and was realized in a second version with the support of BEK — Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts at ‘Latent City’, Bergen Kjøtt (NO) in November 2020. A third version was performed — with Karmaklubb* — 19 March 2021 in collaboration with Black Box teater during ‘Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival — Online & At Home Edition 2021’, streamed from St. James’s Church, Bergen.

AfterSchoolSpecial version ︎
Curators - producers: AfterSchoolSpecial
Head AV technician: Jonas Skarmark
Photo documentation: Nayara Leite

BEK commissioned rework (November 2020) ︎
Curator - producer: Laurie Lax
Head AV technician: Jonas Skarmark
Sound technician: Andreas Lassen
Light technician: Hans Skogen
Photo documentation: Thor Brødreskift

Karmaklubb* version ︎
Curator - producer: Karmaklubb* / Tine Semb
AV technician: Runar Gåsterud
Light technician: Thomas Nordvik
Photo documentation: Paulina Tamara

Read the text here or here
Blackbox teater edit ︎
Karmaklubb* edit ︎