Kaeto Sweeney 


I seem to live

mixed media installation
3x3m textile, plaster, plastic flowers, bricks, stage lights, zip ties, microphone, subwoofer, vertical TV screen (43”inch)

I Seem to live is media installation part of group show MA2020, KODE 2, Bergen (NO).

I attempt to question queer spaces and the space they are given through personal reflection and account of going to queer clubs and the agency a queer body takes on in a designated space.

“It is a mixed media installation composed of a vertical silent video loop close-up of a lonely dancer*, a distorted bass sound of 'Living it out' by Planningtorock every 20 minutes. The sound in the installation goes on and triggers a nearby microphone to animate flowers within the green hand on the other TV. This hand is continuously filmed by live transmission from the green hand on the nearby wall. Another hand is present in a 3x3m textile print together with the text “I think that atmosphere sounds like utmost fear”. Hands are central to the act of dancing, which is an ancient form of expression to mark ritual milestones, identities and important life events that have also been embraced and hold a strong significance for the queer scene. Bound together with smaller installations of bricks, hands and cast containers for poppers, this artwork renders a layered ambivalence of finding, or not finding, ones belonging through clubbing.”
- Maya Økland, curator.

*The retitled video work: Lonely Boy (2020)

Curator: Maya Økland
Producers team KMD / KODE 2
Documentation photos: Runa Halleraker